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Have you checked our Billing360 Features?

Have you checked our Billing360 Features?

Have you checked our Billing360 Features?

Billing360 is GST enabled software that provides a platform for business intelligence, business analytics and reports. It is designed and optimized for small and large companies as well as freelancers requiring a low-cost billing solution. It is an ideal billing software for both retail and other industry. It provides all the characteristics, functionality and flexibility needed to streamline the billing and invoice of clients. 

Billing 360 offers everything you need from the most cost-effective, fastest and simplest billing solution. The user friendly software has simplified the billing procedures, integrated with features such as auto-backup, cheque writing module, multiple payment features etc. 


Here are nine features of Billing 360 that might help you avoid late payments and get paid on time:

  • Invoice Generation

There are certainly loads of responsibilities that come along with managing a business. One of these is sending invoices to customers for goods or services rendered. You will moreover suffer from delayed payments if your invoices are incomplete or lack of information that might restrict customers from reaching you. Billing 360 will help you adopt better billing practises and will save lots of time.

  • Tax Management

Have you ever found yourself in a terrible rush in January to March period every year? If yes, don’t worry, Billing 360 will take care of all the important dates and ensure timely tax payments. It guarantees faster payments with online payment gateways.

  • Expenses Management

Businesses are profitable when they exercise discipline over finances and marketing while consistently calculating return on investment. It applies to all the businesses, whether they are new or mature. In the initial phase of its origin, it is much easier for a business to get into sound habits by practising expense management. Billing 360 reflects the right amount of discipline and records all business expenses and how much a business is spending.

  • Easy to Cheque Print

Everyone wants to maintain a good repo with the clients. Personal relation sometimes makes a business person uncomfortable to ask for payments and this results into delayed payment. Billing 360 helps in sending friendly payment reminders to the clients and in this way, a business can be paid on time for the goods or services provided. 

  • Reports

All businesses, large or small, rely on real insights of the company like profits, cash flow, and assets. Billing 360 run a report in real-time and gain critical insights on business performance.

  • Invoicing

Billing 360 automatically creates professional invoices with little manual efforts and send them to customers within minutes. It also keeps a proper track on customer and record time and method of payment. And it sends a gentle reminder if the payment is not made within the stipulated time.

  • Time Tracking

Billing 360, effortlessly track time for each project and invoice the customer accordingly.

  • Online Payment

Online payment method is a quick and painless way of making payment. Moreover, online payment makes it easy for the customer to sit back at their place and not rush to the banks. Billing 360 accepts all modes of online payment.

  • Reminder

Billing 360 sends a gentle reminder to their customer regarding goods or services rendered to them. It includes all the necessary details in its reminder like commodity purchased or what kind of services provided along with the pricing details. It follows a cycle of sending friendly reminders to every customer.

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